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Gum Contouring

Doctor pointing at model of teeth and gumsSometimes, the issues keeping you from your best, most beautiful smile lie not with your teeth, but with your gums. An uneven gumline, gums that extend too far down your teeth, or gums that are too high can all get in the way of your most stunning smile. That’s why Dr. Kabaklian and the team at Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry offer gum contouring at their offices in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach, California. To learn more, schedule a consultation online or by phone today.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring is a surgical procedure designed to give you a beautiful, even smile. When the gum heights on your teeth aren’t even or are too high or too low, your smile can look unbalanced. The team at Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry uses gum contouring surgery to ensure you have an even gumline at the proper height to help your teeth look their best.

They also offer veneers and dental bonding as needed to fix uneven, cracked, gapped, or discolored teeth along with your gum contouring procedure. Periodontal maintenance, a deeper form of routine cleaning, is available to help patients with gum disease prevention. In short, they’re dedicated to unlocking your most beautiful smile possible.

How does gum contouring work?

Gum contouring is a surgical procedure during which your gum tissue is reshaped. Your actual gum contouring procedure is tailored to your smile’s needs. For example, if your gums extend too far down your teeth, your Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry gum specialist trims the overgrown tissue. If, however, your gumline doesn’t extend far enough down your tooth, gum tissue can be added (often grafted from the roof of your mouth) to sufficiently cover the base of your tooth.

In some cases, gum contouring is purely cosmetic. But if your gums are too high because of a periodontal condition called gum recession, they may expose the root of your tooth, leaving you open to tooth decay and possibly tooth loss if left untreated. In these cases, gum contouring doesn’t just improve the appearance of your smile, it also protects your tooth.

What should I expect during and after gum contouring?

At Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry, your gum contouring surgery is performed with your comfort in mind. Their dedicated team uses a local anesthetic to fully numb the surgery site so you can relax comfortably during your entire procedure. Plan to take the rest of the day off and head home after your gum contouring to relax and allow your mouth to heal.

The Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry team sends you home with specific care instructions, including guidance on how to brush your teeth while your gums heal. This may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your specific type of gum contouring.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can help you manage any discomfort. Choose foods that are soft and cool and stay away from spicy foods or anything with seeds until your gums heal.

Learn more by calling Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry at 949-991-2499 or booking your appointment online today.

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Gum Contouring | Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA offers gum contouring. What is gum contouring? How does it work? What to expect during and after.
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