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At Enamel Newport Beach our goal is to keep your enamel as long as possible. As your Newport Beach dentist, we stress the importance of at least 6-month cleanings and home care to minimize cavities and periodontal disease. As your trusted dentist we want to create a practice where we focus on holistic and preventative approaches so that your gums and teeth remain healthy. Studies show that half of Americans from 20-64 years old suffer from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic infection of the bone and gums surrounding the teeth. As the disease becomes more progressive and severe, the bone supporting the teeth are lost causing patients to lose teeth. Studies are showing a strong link between heart disease and periodontal disease. As a patient, this means that periodontal disease triggers the bodies inflammatory response which also causes plaque buildups in the arteries in and around the heart. This can eventually lead to heart attack or stroke. As your Newport Beach Dentist, we focus on diagnosing and treating periodontal disease to avoid harm to the teeth but also the whole body.

Another thing we believe in at Enamel Newport Beach is to use materials that are the most biocompatible with your body. A recent law has passed warning patients about mercury in amalgam fillings and Bis-GMA in white fillings. As your holistic dentist, we want every patient to be as safe as possible and that’s why we use Bis-GMA free white fillings. When we remove silver fillings we use an isolite which isolates your teeth from your throat so we don’t have the old filling material introduced to the patient's digestive system. This is one of the holistic things we do regularly at our dental office. We have also invested in the latest digital x rays to provide the lowest radiation possible to patients while being able to diagnose the smallest cavities. We believe that prevention is the best way to keep you healthy. Also staying consistent with your appointments make it easier to catch things before they become a problem. This ultimately makes the dreaded dentist appointment a pleasant experience.

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The last thing we would like to talk about from a holistic standpoint is the water we use in the practice. As your primary dental office, we have invested in a reverse osmosis water filter which is hooked up to all the rooms to make sure the water going into your mouth during the cleanings and drilling is purified and free of bacteria, fungi, and heavy metals. We invest so much money in bottled water and at home purifiers so why should the dentist be any different!

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