Full Mouth Rehabilitation


We often see patients who need work that is more complex than a simple filling or a crown.  At Enamel Newport Beach, we focus on a comprehensive approach to the mouth rather than just trying to patch problems one at a time. (Just patching one crown to fit a dysfunctional bite can worsen the problem and cause jaw problems such as TMJ.)

A full mouth rehabilitation is a systematic approach to restoring all of your teeth at the same time. It’s about treating the cause, not just the symptoms. We take a look at the bone and gums around the teeth and make sure everything is healthy. Then, we work to restore your mouth to the way it’s supposed to be—for health, functionality and an improved appearance.

Full mouth rehabilitation can also be “instant orthodontics.” You can restore all of your teeth… to reshape and reposition them… without months or years or wearing braces or retainers.

Who is a candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation?

Patients who have…

    • suffered a traumatic injury to the mouth and teeth
    • teeth that are worn down or shortened due to years grinding
    • severe decay in all or most teeth, or severe erosion of tooth enamel
    • congenital disorders that cause missing teeth or enamel, or poorly-formed teeth
    • missing teeth, causing the bite to shift and an inability to chew like before
    • a deep bite (the top teeth go too far down over the bottom teeth)
    • bone imperfections—missing bone or diseased jawbone

At Enamel, we can restore your smile to the way it was supposed to be through a combination of implants, root canals, crowns and other treatments.

Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

As teeth wear down with age, we start to lose underlying support for the bone structure and the skin of the lower third of our faces, increasing lines in the face and eventually giving us the “sunken-in” or shortened facial appearance of a person who is getting older.

If your teeth are worn down, full-mouth reconstruction allows us to restore the natural support of the lower third of the face, recreating facial balance and harmony.

How It Works

Full-mouth restoration is a complex treatment which requires thoughtful planning and precise attention to detail. Before we get started, we will assess your bite and facial harmony, and discuss your situation with you in detail, to ensure we plan for the results you desire.

We’ll start with an initial consultation visit, including a thorough exam where we’ll take detailed measurements and records, and create a diagnostic “wax-up” blueprint to guide the process. We’ll account for all of the aesthetic and functional outcomes you desire before we begin your actual treatment. Only after we have this complete plan in place do we start the work.

At your consultation visit, we will show you several case studies of full-mouth reconstructions, so you understand what results to expect. (If desired, we will also give you a list of patients who have had this procedure performed, who are willing to share their experiences with you.)

Schedule a Consultation Now

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If you do need a full mouth rehabilitation, the longer you wait, the worse the health of your teeth and mouth can become. Consultations are always free, so book your appointment today!

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