Why the End of the Year is the best time to use your Dental Insurance!

Why the End of the Year is the best time to use your Dental Insurance!


It’s that time of the year again. As the holidays are coming it also means that the end of your dental benefits are upon us. This means that all the premiums you have been paying all year will go to waste if you don’t take advantage of your dental insurance. 


The way Dental PPO insurance works is that you pay a premium every month and you get about $1500 in dental benefits to use for the year. Obviously every person’s dental insurance is different and some people have more of a dental benefit and some people have less under their dental PPO insurance policy. So as January 1st approaches, the Dental benefits under the insurance policy resets to $1500. To clarify, the dental benefits from the previous year does not roll over. 


So why is it a good idea to come in before the end of the year? It’s a great time to take advantage of your dental insurance because you can essentially use the $1500 from this year and use the $1500 from the next year to get the maximum dental insurance money. So for this reason November and December are a great time to take advantage of your dental insurance. You basically get double your dental insurance benefit. You are paying for your Dental insurance so make sure to take advantage by giving our office a call today and making an appointment!

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