What is Bonding?

Many people want to fix their smile by closing gaps, lengthening their teeth, or getting subtle color change. One great option is bonding. Bonding is very conservative. This means that no tooth structure or enamel needs to be shaved. The tooth needs to be treated by a gentle soap then glue applied and white filling material layered. Your dentist at Enamel Newport Beach will use his artistic skills to mold and sculpt the white filling to make it seamless with the tooth. At Enamel Newport Beach this treatment is relatively inexpensive and is very quick compared to veneers. Veneers will make larger changes to your smile and takes longer and is more expensive because a lab is involved.

At Enamel Newport Beach we want everybody to have the smile they want and that’s why we offer minimally invasive dentistry such as bonding. So whether its whitening, bonding, or veneers make your appointment for a smile consultation so we can discuss how Enamel Newport Beach can make you smile!

 Here is an example of bonding where we closed the space between this patients front teeth. He always felt insecure about the gap and therefore with some bonding and his Newport Beach Dentist we gave him the confidence to smile.

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