Top 5 Reasons Many Patients Give For Choosing Me As Their Dentist

My patients have been giving me a lot of good feedback lately and I feel like I should share it with everyone so here are the top five reasons why my patients give for choosinge me as their dentist:

1. My office is absolutely state-of-the-art. All of our equipment was purchased in the last few months, and each piece is the latest in modern technology for safety, hygiene and painlessness. Our X-ray machines emit the lowest radiation possible, and we even purify the water running to each chair with reverse osmosis technology.
Take a digital tour of the office at There you’ll also find before-and-after photos of patients whose smiles we’ve transformed.

2. I’ve done 300+ hours of continuing education in esthetic, implant and prosthetic dentistry. Even if you only ever need exams and cleanings, there are big benefits to choosing a dentist with broader experience, and they come at no added cost.

3. For patients who deal with anxiety about going to the dentist, we offer the widest range of anesthetic options available for a comfortable, pain-free experience.

4. The office is centrally located near John Wayne Airport, less than five miles from your door, and just one minute from the 73 freeway:
Parking is hassle-free, and there are no wait times once you arrive. Patients often compare their experience to a trip to the spa—not to a dental office. Be sure to read our reviews on Yelp, all of which have five out of five stars!

5. Non-elective care is covered by most PPO insurance plans, but we also offer several long-term payment options without interest. If you do have insurance, we’ll call the company to verify coverage and handle any claims forms as a courtesy to you.

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