HELP! I have a dental emergency!

HELP! I have a dental emergency!


Many people have dental emergencies like a broken tooth, a painful tooth, pain in the jaw, or even swelling. You can always call our office as your Emergency dentist. Dr. Kabaklian has experience diagnosing and treating all your emergency dental care needs. Our office is great at getting you a same day appointment and treating the pain with a prescription, root canal, extraction, dental filling to get you back to your life. So if you have any urgent dental care needs call our office and walk in to fix that broken tooth or fix the pain in your mouth. 


What are some of the most common dental emergencies we treat?


Broken tooth

This is probably one of the most common emergencies we see. A Broken tooth can happen two ways. The tooth can have a bad cavity which is causing it to become weak and eventually break. For this emergency we offer broken tooth extractions or even broken tooth root canals. We can do these procedures the same day making us the perfect walk in dentist office. The other reason a tooth can break is due to trauma. Luckily for this emergency we offer a quick fix like bonding or crowns. Here is a before and after of some broken teeth due to dental trauma. 

Tooth pain

Tooth pain can be caused by a lot of factors. It can be a bad cavity, gum disease, or even tooth grinding. For these urgent dental needs we offer same day appointments where we can diagnose the problem and do same day treatment. Our emergency dental office is very good about numbing the teeth so treatment is painless. 


Jaw Pain

Many people grind their teeth at night. This can cause a generalized pain that can’t be localized to one tooth. Our emergency dentist is great at diagnosing this symptom and making a dental nightguard to prevent grinding the teeth and soothe the jaw pain. 


For all your urgent or emergency dental care needs please call our office by clicking the link above and let us get you out of pain!

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