Does Teeth Whitening hurt?

The impact teeth whitening can have

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?


This is the first question that all our patients ask. The answer is IT SHOULDN’T. There are a few reasons that teeth whitening can result in teeth sensitivity. The most common reason is  that the gums and root surfaces of the teeth aren’t isolated and the bleach is sitting on those surfaces during teeth whitening. So it’s very important that the dentist or hygenist makes sure to isolate your enamel from the rest of your mouth during teeth whitening so the bleach only sits on your enamel.


How long does teeth whitening last?


This is another frequently asked question from patients. The answer is it depends. Teeth whitening lasts as long as the rate at which your teeth are staining. Do you drink a lot of wine, coffee or tea? These beverages are known to stain the teeth easily. TIP: Try drinking your beverages with a straw so they don’t stain your teeth. Smoking will also affect the color of your teeth and stain them more quickly.


Another factor that affects teeth whitening and how long it will last is the surface polish of the teeth. Believe it or not people have different smoothness to their teeth. So after teeth whitening, if your teeth aren’t as smooth as other people it will gather stain quicker.


What type of results should I expect with Teeth whitening?


Everyone is different and will whiten differently. You will expect at least a couple of shades of whitening but some people really do get brilliant results with 4 shades of whitening. Teeth whitening is variable and sometimes people’s teeth get brighter instead of whiter. The results are always visible and look great!


What is the difference between White strips and in office teeth whitening?


Crest white strips have become increasingly popular in the market place. They sell big bulky packs of white strips that can cost over $100. The trouble with the white strips is that they have to use a very weak concentration of bleach because they are not isolating the gums and root surfaces when teeth whitening so the results are lack luster and have to be done often and for long periods of time. In office teeth whitening get BRILLIANT results because we used a high concentration bleach and that is why we have to ensure to get the bleach only on the enamel so that we minimize any sensitivity.


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