Dental Emergency

Recently we had a great new patient that came into the office with a lot of pain on the upper left side of the mouth. His tooth started hurting on Friday so unfortunately he had to bear the pain all weekend until dentists were open on Monday to take his Dental Emergency. When we saw him in the office on Monday morning he was so happy that we could see him and help him get out of pain that day. We joked how it always seems that people have dental emergencies or need emergency dental services on Friday night. It’s interesting that dental emergencies and pain always seem to happen on the weekend.

That’s why at Enamel Newport Beach we believe in preventative treatment so we can avoid a dental emergency as much as possible. Our dental office also understands that life gets away from us and we forget to go to the dentist sometimes. That’s why we’re here for you. Whether it’s a chipped tooth, swelling, or pain we will always get you in as soon as possible and at the least give you a prescription to help the pain so we can start treatment as soon as possible.

People also ask want to know why they feel tooth pain. Pain in the mouth can come from a lot of different things. At our dental office we use the latest X ray equipment and techniques to properly diagnose where the pain is coming from so we can recommend the right treatment. The last thing a patient needs is a root canal or extraction on the wrong tooth. We like to categorize pain in the mouth in 3 different areas. The pain can be caused by a deep cavity, a gum or bone infection, or pain from a parafunctional habit such as grinding your teeth. All three categories have different treatments and at Enamel Newport Beach we will always present you with your options.

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