Bleaching Your Teeth

Bleaching your teeth has become one of the most popular services in cosmetic dentistry. People are looking to have the whitest teeth possible. At Enamel Newport Beach we take time to educate patients about bleaching their teeth. One of the most common questions are, “Will bleaching my teeth weaken my enamel?” The short answer is no.

There are 2 kinds of bleach for whitening your teeth. There is Hydrogen peroxide or carbemide peroxide as the active ingredients. To make things a little more complicated there are different concentrations of bleach too. The concentration depends on what method you are using to bleach your teeth.

The most common ways to bleach your teeth are buying the white strips or white pen, getting bleaching trays made, or an in-office treatment. The white strips or pen has the weakest concentration of bleach because your teeth aren’t isolated from your gums. The bleach is harmful to living tissue and therefore it is weak when you buy the strips.

The next popular option is having Enamel Newport Beach make custom bleaching trays for you. The Enamel team will take custom molds of your teeth and make custom trays so you can bleach your teeth from home! The trays differ from the strips because you can use a bleach which is twice as strong to get better results.

The last option is an in office whitening treatment. Because you are in the office, the Enamel team can isolate your teeth from your gums and use the strongest bleach possible. This is the priciest of all the options but the most effective.

Patients usually call Enamel Newport Beach and ask if they can only get a bleaching done. Although we would love to fulfill that request we need to do a proper exam and cleaning to make sure the teeth are healthy and without tartar buildup. At Enamel Newport Beach we make sure that we are bleaching your natural teeth and not the plaque and tarter that can accumulate on your teeth. Another thing we look for are cavities. If you get bleach on cavities it can cause a lot of pain and thats why an exam is necessary before we bleach your teeth.

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