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4 Types of emergency dentistry our office is doing during COVID-19:

4 Types of emergency dentistry our office is doing during COVID-19:




During Covid our office has been seeing a lot of patients with different type of dental emergencies. One of the most common is cracked teeth. Patients come in because they have been grinding their teeth due to stress and they cracked one of their teeth. To fix this there are multiple different treatment options depending on the severity of the crack. Treatment can range from a filling, a crown, a root canal and crown, or even an extraction and implant or bridge. The risk of leaving cracked teeth is that they can cause pain and infection. After we restore that tooth we always recommend a nightguard to prevent teeth from cracking or chipping again. 




Now that we have been in lockdown for over 6 months we have a lot more time at home eating sweets. Recently we have been seeing many patients with more cavities than before. Its important to find a dental office that will take care of these cavities when they are small. Addressing the issue earlier than later will allow our dental office to do a conservative dental filling rather than a root canal and crown. If the decay get too bad then we have to extract the tooth and do a dental implant or dental bridge. We are open for dental checkups during COVID and ensuring the highest safety standards so we can keep up with preventative care. Many dental offices have closed their doors since March but it is important to us to keep serving our community and our patients. 




During COVID, we are also seeing a lot patients with headaches or jaw or muscle aches. Also we are seeing patients that can’t localize their tooth pain. They feel pain on the upper and lower or left and right. All these issues with soreness usually tell us patients are grinding or clenching their teeth. For these issues our office make a nightguard and it usually clears these symptoms right up. 




Patients during this time of COVID also get more wisdom tooth flareups. This includes all other teeth that had a mild infection before COVID.  Because of COVID and extra stress on the body, mild tooth infections run rampant because the immune system is not as strong. We are here for our patients and our community and can take care of the pain the same day or set up an appointment to get our patients pain free!


If you are having tooth or jaw pain Make an emergency appointment with our dental office! 949-873-0022

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