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3 Reasons you should get Dental Bonding done:

dental bonding

3 reasons you should get dental bonding done:


Many people have things that they don’t like about their smile. They know if they fixed those small imperfections it would give them more confidence to smile and feel better about their smile. Here are some instances where dental bonding can help your smile. 


Chipped or cracked teeth:


If you have chipped or cracked teeth from trauma or grinding your teeth dental bonding can help fix those small chips and help bring back harmony to your smile. Many people have a few small chips that they have noticed through the years and come in to fix it. Our office has free consultations so you can come in and see before and after photos of similar situations to yours before you do the dental bonding. 

Close small gaps:


Some people have small gaps between their teeth and in this instance dental bonding is a quick and easy way to fix this. Dr. Joseph Kabaklian takes his time to make sure to establish the right contours so you can floss easily without collecting food. Improper contours from dental bonding can cause gum inflammation or pain so it is important that the dental bonding be done correctly. 

Lengthen worn teeth:


We have patient that have worn down their teeth from years of grinding. With dental bonding we can fix that in a couple of hours. It is important that after the dental bonding you wear a nightguard or retainer to protect the dental bonding from being grinded down again! We offer free consultations so we can take photos of your smile and show you what we can do. 

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